Bloomberg: I’m willing to fund my partner to replace trump, but I have a better chance

With the democratic primary looming, Michael bloomberg, who is worth more than $50 billion, decided to “put his money where his mouth is”. The former mayor of New York City said Tuesday that he is willing to spend heavily to help any democratic candidate defeat Donald trump, even if he does not win the primary.

Bloomberg, 77, gave a series of interviews on the campaign bus. He told the New York times that he did not rule out “spending a billion dollars to defeat trump.” Although he later explained that he “hoped” it would not cost so much, he said he would support whoever ultimately won the primary.

He told Reuters the priority was to defeat Mr Trump and that he would “spend every penny” to do so. “I have my own plan,” bloomberg also told bloomberg news. “I want them to win more than trump, and I’m going to try to help them.”

During the interview, bloomberg’s campaign car was passing through central Texas. He had decided to “skip” four early-voting states — Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and south Carolina — to focus on states with more electors on and after March 3, one of 14 states that will vote on super Tuesday in March.

Since entering the race in November, Mr Bloomberg, who is ranked eighth on Forbes’ list of America’s richest people, has been showing his “money on the line”, Posting messages on television and social media that he was the best chance to beat Mr Trump. So far, he has spent more on campaign ads than his main democratic rival spent all of last year.

Bloomberg is planning to run a 60-second television AD during the super bowl in Miami on February 2, Reuters said. Earlier, the trump campaign said it would spend $10 million on television ads of the same length. Last year’s super bowl attracted nearly 100 million television viewers.

Mr Bloomberg’s generosity towards himself and everyone else is understandable. As things stand, Mr Trump would, unsurprisingly, be the republican nominee, but the democratic field is still crowded and infighting is under way, and Mr Bloomberg’s endorsement of his party’s rival is no doubt an attempt to give the party an edge.

Other democratic contenders, however, do not appear to be buying his story. When Mr Bloomberg spent $37m on television advertising late last year, ms warren criticised him for trying to “buy” democracy. Bloomberg also joked in a media interview on the 11th that sanders and warren might not accept his help.

“If all they give is negative feedback, then from their perspective, they probably don’t want my help,” Mr. Bloomberg said. But he said his team would still help ms warren and Mr Sanders, even if he did not fully agree with the “rich man tax” and “universal health care”.

Warren, who has called for “politics to be free of money,” responded on Tuesday, saying, “bloomberg can spend whatever he wants, and hopefully his money will actually go to the issues and causes we care about.”

“I’m glad he’s willing to help candidates including me, but I’m not going to take the time or change what I’m doing,” warren said.

Mr. Bloomberg, the late and absent candidate from the first six democratic primary debates, is trailing Mr. Sanders, Ms. Warren, Mr. Biden and south bend, ind.

A des moines chronicle/CNN/Mediacom poll released on Tuesday showed that sanders was ahead of warren (17 per cent), bouteguer (16 per cent) and biden (15 per cent) with 20 per cent.

According to the Washington post/ipsos poll released on Friday, biden is more popular among African American voters, with 48 percent support, compared with 20 percent for sanders and 9 percent for warren.

Mr Bloomberg said predictive data were not his focus. “I’m not sitting around, guess to guess, so I don’t look at polls,” he told CBS channel (40.68, 0.00, 0.00%), “before the primary, I have a lot of things to do, a lot of places to go, I’ll have to make a presentation before the vote held in every state, explain to voters why I can replace the trump, I how to unite the country, this is my today’s two big key.”

Despite his weakness in the polls, Mr Bloomberg thinks he can still win the primary. He said democratic voters preferred a candidate who could defeat trump and had the experience to solve problems and unite the country.

Nor is Mr Bloomberg worried about Mr Biden and others gaining insurmountable advantages in the four early-voting states. He said previous strategies were not necessarily working. “the four early voting states are much less influential than they used to be,” he said.

He believes he has a better chance of winning than the rest of the democratic field. Not only did warren and sanders, who have been the “whirlwind of the left,” struggle to leverage trump’s position, but biden and bouteguier were “too liberal,” he said.

“One of the reasons I’m confident I can defeat trump is that I can be accepted by moderate republicans,” said Mr. Bloomberg, who ran as a republican for mayor of New York City.

“Like it or not, you can’t win unless you can convince moderate republicans, and for these voters, the other democratic candidates are too liberal, in which case they’re going to vote for trump.”

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