The fourth quarter of the United States list: nextev, luckin shares doubled in the leading

Capital markets are always the most sensitive. In the fourth quarter, the United States and Europe, trade frictions, impeachment storm and other major factors combined to hit the United States stock market. And the most surprising thing at the end of the year is the positive signal released by trade relations, giving the market a shot in the arm.

Buoyed by the trade optimism, all three major U.S. stock indexes posted significant gains in December and the fourth quarter, with the dow Jones industrial average (28823.7695, -133.13, -0.46%) up 6.02%, the s&p 500 up 8.53%, and the nasdaq (9178.86, -24.57, -0.27%) up 12.17%.

With the easing of the environment, the Chinese concept also swept away the early haze, began to repair the lost ground, out of the rising market, the fourth quarter of the Chinese concept index rose 17.09%. Most of the Chinese companies listed in the fourth quarter were in the optional consumer and information technology sectors, including luckin (43.32, -1.05, -2.37%) and bilibili (21.55, -1.61, -6.95%).

Quarterly list of star companies

Rui xing coffee

Why we make the list: whether it’s a lightning-fast nasdaq listing or a money-burning explosion, luckin has been in the spotlight since its birth. In the fourth quarter, the number of luckin stores in China reached 4910 as of December 16, 600 more than starbucks (90.16, -0.37, -0.41%).

Luckin’s rise to the top of the list in the fourth quarter was largely due to its improved third-quarter earnings and strong performance in the capital markets. Luckin reported a net loss of 530 million yuan on net revenue of 1.542 billion yuan in the third quarter, and a net profit margin of -31.9%. Although luckin has not yet made a profit, the speed of revenue growth and loss narrowing is amazing. Following a stellar third quarter, some investors are starting to turn on the belief that the cost of luckin’s massive cash burn will be covered by store profits in the future. Luckin’s shares rose 82.73% on Nov. 15 through Dec. 31, accounting for nearly 80% of the quarterly gain.

Good future (53.9, 0.29, 0.54%)

Why we love it: the outbreak of the education industry in China, has created several companies, a leader in education, because the standardized operation and rapid growth in the future, in the first seven years of success of landing the nyse, a market capitalisation of $1.3 billion, seven years, and the second value to $12.7 billion, surpassing new Oriental (131.12, 2.52, 1.89%) become fast post education field.

The era of online education is coming to an end. In the era of constant strength, the reason why good future is on the list of star companies in the fourth quarter is that good future has surpassed new Oriental in stock price growth and market value.

Vipshop (14.9, -0.08, -0.53%)

The path of Vipshop is a series of twists and turns, from bleeding to listing, soaring market value to falling stock price, and then to the subsequent reversal of the trend. In the case of large area losses of e-commerce, Vipshop achieves sustained profits. From 2018, Vipshop will return to special sales, shrink financial services, and abandon self-run logistics.

It seems that Vipshop has not made waves for a long time, but now it can be seen from the data and the attitude of capital that such a choice just helps Vipshop through the hard times. Third quarter, according to Vipshop net revenue of 19.6 billion yuan, up 10.0% from a year earlier, the net profit of 875.5 million yuan, an increase of 282.7%, perhaps Vipshop revenue, net income, to tencent continue to increase the power, in the fourth quarter, tencent again for about $84.19 million to increase Vipshop shares, the total stake to 9.6%.

Bi li bi

Why we make the list: bilibilii has evolved step by step from being labeled as “2-d anime series” to a popular cultural community, providing a full range of online entertainment services for the young generation of Chinese ACG.

Bilibili’s big moves in the fourth quarter continued, from CCTV news settled in and 800 million yuan filmed the exclusive live broadcast right of league of legends finals for three years, to the signing of von timo, bilibili held the first New Year’s eve party — the most beautiful night. At present, the number of monthly active users on the platform has reached 128 million, including 114 million mobile users (41.49, -0.14, -0.34%), with year-on-year growth of 38% and 43% respectively, and the average daily video playback volume increased by 60% year-on-year. On top of that, bilibili users hit a new high of 37.6 million, up 40 percent year on year.

Nextev (3.51, 0.05, 1.45%)

Why we love it: wei to have highly sought after, and fall from the top, looking back on it, wei to experienced job losses this year, ES8 recall, performance was less than expected, 4 years of accumulated losses of more than 40 billion tesla (478.15, 3.19, 0.66%), and then to later financing cfos left key stage, almost all of the unhappy were wei to meet, and concentrated outbreak in 2019.

Fortunately, all this has been slowly improving by the end of the year, with nextev’s delivery data hitting a record high in October and another record high for the year in November, with four consecutive months of growth. Nextev made the list in the fourth quarter, mainly due to the financial results released on December 30, the revenue of the third quarter reached 1.8 billion yuan, up 25% from the same period last year, and cost cutting measures adopted by nextev reduced the net loss to 2.52 billion yuan in the third quarter, down 23% from the second quarter and 10.3% from the same period last year. While investor sentiment toward nextev remains delicate, both deliveries and financial data represent a long-overdue turnaround for nextev.

Lesin (14.58, -0.71, -4.64%)

Lesin’s instalment mall is one of the earliest instalment shopping e-commerce platforms in China, with more than 3,000 brands and more than a dozen e-commerce platforms, and more than 100 financial cooperation institutions, which together provide instalment shopping services for more than 60 million users.

During the “singles’ day” in 2019, lesin’s instalment music co., ltd. teamed up with several online shopping platforms such as yangmatou and hornets nest to build the staging venue, further expanding the new consumer value. In the third quarter of 2019, lesin’s users exceeded 60 million to 62.6 million, a year-on-year growth of 92.2%, and 2.5 million new active users were added in a single quarter, a year-on-year growth of 265%, the highest number of new users in a single quarter since its listing.

Pinduoduo (38.42, -1.24, -3.13%)

Reason to make the list: while alibaba (223.83, 2.05, 0.92%) and jd.com (39.11, 0.21, 0.54%) point to the sinking market, pinduoduo, which sits firmly on the sinking market, is busy going up. Pinduoduo, like a catfish stirring the water, has activated the entire Internet e-commerce market.

A total of 660 million consumers cut their hands in the mobile shopping industry on singles’ day, including 220 million active users, a net increase of 101 million, or 84.8 percent, over the same period last year. However, while pinduoduo’s total revenue continued to grow at a high rate of 123 percent in the third quarter, its revenue growth has slowed from nearly 700 percent in the same period last year.

Netease (338.91, 0.54, 0.16%)

Why we love it: because of the sale of netease’s netease koala and the successful IPO of youdao, netease has already made changes to its existing games, music, strict selection and other businesses. As one of the companies that promote high-quality economic development in China, netease was also included in the People’s Daily’s list of the top 100 enterprises in the fourth quarter.

Netease reported net income of rmb14.6357bn in the third quarter, up 11 per cent year on year. Among them, game revenue was 11.5348 billion yuan, up 11.5% year on year; Youdao’s revenue was 345.9 million yuan, up 98.4% year on year; Revenue from innovation and other businesses was 2.755 billion yuan, up 4.5% year on year. After the results were announced, the market regained confidence in netease and the share price of netease rose gradually.

IQIYI (23.9, -0.62, -2.53%)

Why we love it: now iQIYI is trying to tear off the label of “Netflix(329.05, -6.61, -1.97%) second” and create a new track of multi-ip monetization outside of the paid membership model, thus iQIYI is on its way to “Disney online (144.62, -0.21, -0.14%)”.

IQIYI’s revenue in the third quarter was rmb7.4bn, up 7 per cent year on year and slightly ahead of market expectations of rmb7bn, while its membership services revenue in the third quarter was about rmb3.7bn, up about 30 per cent year on year and accounting for more than half of total revenues for the first time. Despite the regulatory impact and content delays, iQIYI recovered in the third quarter from the second, with subscription revenue up 8.9% from the previous quarter. In addition to the quarter-on-quarter improvement in the revenue of member services, the ARPU value of iQIYI also rose, with the ARPU value of the third quarter rising by 4.2% to 36.03 yuan/month.

Baiji shenzhou (163, -4.44, -2.65%)

Baekjishen focuses on the development and commercialization of novel anticancer molecular targeting and tumor immunotherapy drugs, and the core drug candidates developed internally are in late-stage clinical trials.

On December 27, 2019, in time for the end of the year, baeji shenzhens’ much-anticipated pd-1 product tirelitzumab injection (trade name “baezer”) was finally approved by the state food and drug administration for the treatment of patients with recurrent or refractory classic Hodgkin’s lymphoma who have undergone at least second-line systemic chemotherapy. This is the second domestically developed drug approved by baekjishen and its first cancer drug to be approved in China, following the FDA approval of zebtinib in mid-november.

Quarterly list

Wei to

Nextev has had a stormy year in 2019. In the first half of the year, nextev was caught in a public opinion crisis due to the frequent spontaneous combustion of ES8. During this period, there were continuous news of layoffs, losses and obsolescence. These negative factors have added to the woes of nextev, whose shares fell as low as $1.19, on the verge of delisting.

Experience all the negative news of wei to finally realizes “the last of the crazy” at the end of the year, wei released to the end of the third quarter, according to the results in the third quarter revenue of 1.8 billion yuan, up 25% year on year, wei to take cost-cutting measures such as job cuts made in the third quarter net loss reduce to 2.52 billion yuan, a 23% reduction in the second quarter fell 10.3% during the same period last year. After the release of the results, the shares of nextev fluctuated wildly, rising by more than 100 percent in intraday trading to close at $4.02 on Dec. 31, up 66 percent in two days.

Rui xing coffee

Why we love it: investors responded positively to luckin’s recent earnings season, even as the company continued to lose money. While no profit, but the rate of income growth and losses narrowed amazing, it is worth mentioning that rui xing has realized “revenue profit” in the third quarter, rui xing stores gross profit of 180 million yuan, revenue income is 405000 yuan, revenue 12.5% gross margin, in other words, rui xing at the same time of rapid expansion, unexpectedly has no damage to the “economy”.

On November 13, luckin’s stock price rose 13.07%, inched up 0.37% on November 14, and rose another 25.44% to a record high of $27.31 per share. Into December, the company’s stock price has been climbing rapidly, and by the end of the quarter, luckin coffee rose 107.16%.

Can is the valley

Changu is China’s leading technology platform for auto financing services, focusing on auto loan facilitation services, auto transaction facilitation services and auto aftermarket services.

Shimmering valley in the third quarter results show that total about $351 million in the third quarter, compared with the same period in 2018 increased by 23.2%, higher than the upper limit of 8.1% of earnings guidance, and realize the sustained growth in five quarters in a row, this transcript continued the momentum of steady increase of last quarter, the third quarter of 2019 the total revenue of about $1.039 billion, close to 1.091 billion yuan for all of last year. On the news, changu’s shares rose 13.61 percent in intraday trading. In the fourth quarter, cangu rose 70.07%, ranking third on the list of China’s stock market.


Why we make the list: Vipshop has seen its share price rise and fall several times in the past seven years. Vipshop reported net revenue of 19.6 billion yuan in the third quarter, up 10.0% from 17.8 billion yuan a year earlier. Total merchandise value was 31.7 billion yuan, up 17% from 27.2 billion yuan a year earlier. This is Vipshop’s first report card since it returned to retail. Vipshop’s shares rose 27.4 per cent after the results were announced, bringing its market capitalisation back into the $10bn range.

Who to learn from (26.84, 1.58, 6.25%)

Why we’re here: the third quarter of 2019, the second since the nyse’s launch this year, has been a good one. The data showed that net income from learning from others reached 557 million yuan in the third quarter of 2019, up 461.5 percent year-on-year, and the nine-month net income up to September 30, 2019 was 1,179.8 billion yuan, up 448.7 percent year-on-year.

According to the company’s revenue guidance for the fourth quarter, the annual net income in 2019 May exceed 2 billion yuan. After the explosive growth, the company’s stock price kept rising from the bottom and soared to $22.40 per share, up 113.33% from the ipo price.

A good future

Good future is the second educational institution to make the list. According to the new quarterly financial report, good future’s revenue in the second quarter of fiscal 2020 was $936 million, up 33.8% from the same period last year. The revenue growth in the second quarter was higher than the first quarter, but not as fast as the previous 70% growth.

There were 3.413 million students in the third quarter, up 54.5 percent from the same period last year. The combination of slowing revenue, lower gross margin, higher management expenses and impairment losses on long-term investments led to a significant correction in the company’s stock price in the second quarter. In this quarter, good future participated in the strategic investment of gositong, the largest knowledge payment and new education SaaS service provider in China, and will join hands with gositong to help more educational institutions improve efficiency. Its stock price also began to rise from the undervaluation in the second quarter to a new high. By the end of the quarter, the stock price of good future rose 40.77%.

And yellow Chinese medicine

We are an innovative biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and sale of targeted therapies and immunooncology drugs for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The second drug of hehuang is about to hit the market. The state drug administration of China has accepted an application for a new drug (NDA) for the treatment of advanced non-pancreatic neuroendocrinoma. Sofaninib is a new oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor developed by zhihuang pharmaceutical. It is also the second innovative tumor drug independently developed and submitted for market application in China after the successful approval of furquinitinib in China last year. In the fourth quarter, the company’s stock price rose one step at a time, standing on the daily average of 30 days, 60 days, 120 days and 250 days successively.

Le letter

Lesin is the only consumer finance company on the list of growth. Lesin, which serves young people, reported impressive financial results in the third quarter. According to the financial report, lesin’s revenue has increased by double digits for eight consecutive quarters since it went public, reaching 3.2 billion yuan, up 72% year on year. As of September 30, the total number of lesin registered users exceeded 60 million, reaching 62.6 million, up 92.2% year on year. The number of credit users reached 16.7 million, up 74.7% year on year. Active users of loan products reached 6.1 million in the third quarter, compared with 2.8 million in the same period of 2018. 2.5 million new active loan users, up 265% from a year earlier, the highest number of new users in a single quarter since the listing.

Paekche shenzhou

Why we love it: paekche shenzhou hand r&d investment in China’s “best” cancer drugs, accounting for 80% of the total cost, the strength of the team line-up, in many ways, paekche shenzhou is a giant “all in” innovation medicine in the future, at the same time, paekche shenzhou is domestic first on nasdaq and a listing on the hkex and biotechnology companies, the United States listed on nasdaq more than two years or nearly 10 times. The reason why baekjai shenzhou made the list is that in the fourth quarter, baekjai shenzhou and amgen (238.26, -0.67, -0.28%) announced the conclusion of a global cancer strategic partnership. Spurred by the news, baekjai shenzhou shares surged 37.02% in after-hours trading, marking a highlight moment.

Seth pan

Seppan, the world’s largest independent container owner, was founded in 2005, mainly engaged in large container ship leasing and other businesses. The fleet capacity controlled by the company accounts for about 7% of the global total fleet capacity.

After the change of senior management and industry changes, cespan still maintained excellent performance. According to the financial report of cespan, the net profit attributable to the common shareholders of the parent company in the third quarter of fiscal 2019 was 368 million us dollars, up 70.72% year on year. Revenue was $843 million, up 5.25% from a year earlier.

A list of first-day gains

Qing ke

Qingke apartment, founded in Shanghai in 2012, is a leading provider of public rental housing in China. It mainly provides basic rental services such as branded apartments available at any time and various value-added services for urban residents. As of June 30, 2019, qingke apartment has a total of 96,854 rooms in 6 cities including Shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou, nanjing, wuhan and Beijing, among which Shanghai is the main market with more than 60,000 rooms.

On Nov. 5, the company went public with an offering of 2.7 million American depositary shares at $17 each, raising about $45.9 million. The company, the first domestic provider of long-lease apartments to list in the u.s., had a good first day, opening at $17.35, up 2% from its $17 offering price, and closing at $17.64, up 3.76%.

“Mr Chemical

Mobile is a leading technology-driven platform in the domestic chemical industry, connecting upstream and downstream participants in the chemical industry chain through integrated solutions. Based on the core knowledge reserve and the assistance of artificial intelligence and SaaS software, the company provides e-commerce, finance, warehousing and logistics solutions for all participants in the chemical industry chain. Mobile is the largest GMV chemical e-commerce platform in China in 2017 and 2018, according to Frost & Sullivan.

Mobile chemical officially listed on nasdaq under the symbol “MKD” on December 30. It is also the first industrial Internet company to list on the us stock market. After opening at $6 above its ipo price of 11.5 per cent, mobile rose 121.2 per cent to $11.9 a share, triggering several upturns. After the share price fell, also triggered downward circuit. By the close of trading, mobile was trading at $5.46 a share, up 1.49 per cent from its offering price.

Yi heng health (8.05, 1.08, 15.49%)

Yiheng health is a non-medical comprehensive health service provider, providing users with healthy diet, traditional tonic, healthy food, maternal and child health and other products. Yiheng health mainly focuses on the vertical non-medical health field. After eight years of strong domestic online and offline promotion and operation, it has not only opened the Chinese market for global brands, but also brought high-quality health information and global high-quality health products to Chinese consumers. By September 2019, eheng health had cooperated with 64 global brands and sold about 5,500 products. The stable and constantly developing cooperative relationship with brand owners is an important driving force for yiheng to achieve the rapid growth of revenue.

On November 8, yi heng health was listed on the nasdaq stock market in the United States, making it the first overseas non-medical Internet health service provider in China. Despite the aura, yi heng’s debut was modest, opening slightly higher than its offering price of $10 a share and closing 1 per cent higher at $10.1.

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